Welcome to our genealogy site, there are currently several research projects underway in order to find the main branches of the Eaves family.

Eaves Family yDNA Project Results

icon-dnaWe are using FamilyTreeDNA to perform testing…Any male carrying the name of Eaves is encouraged to test. Females wishing to participate need to ask a brother, uncle, father, son, or appropriate male cousin whose name is EAVES to take the test. For those who wish to join this project, the easiest way to order the kit is by telephone: 713-868-1438.

Be sure to tell the person taking the order that you are in the Eaves Project. When ordering remember, the more markers the better the results so we would encourage the 37 or 67 marker test.

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Individual Family Tree Projects

icon-treeE1b1b1 – a Semitic lineage that began in the Middle East and migrated along the northern coastal countries of the Mediterranean Sea – ultimately, through UK to America.

I1 – A migration that came from the northernmost part of Europe…. Many Vikings are included in this group from northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.

I2b1 – A migration that came mostly from the northern part of Central Europe…. along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea and southern Scandinavia.

R1b1 – A large migration that came through Central Europe – and the largest group in both UK and America.

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CAUTION:  There are many errors in the above websites that were based on  ‘assumptions’ rather than recorded documentation.  For instance, we have NO documentation that Jon Eves, the first known E(a)ves in America in 1636, was the father of William Eaves, father of Graves.   So, do not use to build your EAVES family tree unless there is adequate documentation shown.

Many internet sources have copied this information, which could be totally false.  Other errors have been found that have been corrected through our EAVES yDNA project.  Recently, we have found that the Patrick/Buckner Eaves lineage, is not related to the Graves Eaves line.   Previously, we found that the Rhoday lineage is totally different from the Graves line.  But instead, found the Rhoday line genetically related to 4 other E(a)ves families originating in Colonial Virginia.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF THESE ERRORS.  Research continues – and we would appreciate you joining the search!

Lois Eaves / Eaves yDNA administrator

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